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Testing Center


испытательный центр

Testing (certification) of the products of Russian companies in compliance with the Russian and International norms for their further use both on the territory of the Russian Federation and in export deliveries is a key area of VNIIST's activities. VNIIST testing center is certified by the Federal Accreditation Service and satisfies the needs of the integrated compliance evaluation system of Transneft Scientific Research Institute.

The All-Russian Scientific Research and Testing Center VNIIST performs a set of measures for conducting tests of fuel and energy complex goods, in particular:

  • determination;
  • determinative; comparative;

  • inspection (certification, acceptance, type, qualification, inspections);

  • arbitrage;

  • quality evaluation of the performed anticorrosion protection.

The functioning component of VNIIST Testing Center consists in realization of researches of the following nature:

  • investigation of the properties of new anticorrosion and composite materials;

  • Research of new protecting coatings with definition of service life;

  • Investigation of the causes of pipeline failures as well as damages;

  • evaluation of the state of corrosion on the steel constructions, as well as the state of the coating protective systems;

  • other integrated scientific and engineering investigations.

It is significant that the Test Center has expertise in the development of various types of Standards and Programs:

  • development of product specifications;

  • creation of test routines and methods;

  • creation of the national standards;

  • establishment of test benches;

  • development of innovative materials;

  • the development of projects, guidelines, instructions, manuals and rules to protect;

  • development of new materials; development of projects, recommendations, instructions, manuals and regulations for the corrosion protection of steel constructions for a variety of conditions of operation of steel constructions.

Having knowledge and experience gained, the VNIIST Testing Center provides technical and guidance support to the organizations on the question of the quality of products manufactured by expert advice and production inspection, participating in the standardization committees as below:

Name of the technical committees (subcommittee)

Name of the technical committee (subcommittee)


ТК 023

Petroleum and Gas Industry


ПК 3

Production of natural gas


ПК 12

Pressurized containers and apparatus