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Experience in the development of normative and technical documentation

 Actual experience (since 2015) of VNIIST in respect of normative federal level documents is presented by the following main documents:

  • GOST R 59411-2021 Field Pipelines made of fiberglass pipes. Design and operation rules.

  • SP 424.1325800.2019 Trunk and field oil and gas pipelines. Corrosion prevention by means of electric and chemical shielding and control of work execution.

  • SP 411.1325800.2018 Trunk and oilfield oil and gas pipelines. Tests before commissioning of the facilities constructed.

  • SP 365.1325800.2017 Trunk pipelines, updated edition of SNiP 2.05.06-85*.

  • SP 378.1325800.2017 Marine Pipelines. Rules for design and building.

  • GOST 9.602-2016 Unified system of corrosion and aging protection(USCAP). Structures underground. General Requirements for Corrosion Protection.

  • SP 36.13330.2012 Main pipelines, updated edition of SNiP 2.05.06-85*, including:

    • Amendment No. 1 to SP 36.13330.2012, introduced on 18.08.2016.
    • Amendment № 3 introduced on April 06, 2021.

  • SP 86.13330.2014 Trunk pipelines. SNiP III-42-80*, including:

    • Amendment No. 1, inserted on 27.02.2017.
    • Amendment No. 2, inserted on 15.06.2018.

The following experience in the elaboration of technical specifications (since 2012) is provided as follows:

  1. Relocation and rehabilitation (relaying) of the gas pipeline of average pressure in the area of works on the project "Building multi-level transport junctions across the Kazan and Gorkov direction of the Moscow railroads on the stretch from Entuziastov highway to Ryazansky avenue.

  2. Preparation and agreement in the Ministry of Construction of Russia of special engineering conditions for the design and constructing of the project: "Electrometallurgical complex. Gas pipeline pressure 1,6 MPa".

  3. Developing and approving specifications for design, construction and operation of two two low-pressure water conduits under the investment program "Reconstruction, area construction of crude oil gathering facilities and high and low pressure water pipelines of Yuzhno-Yagunskoye oil field".

  4. Developing and endorsement of STS for design, constructing and operation of low head water pipeline (CPS-BKNS-7) under investment program "Reconstruction and constructing sections of Oil-gathering networks, high and low pressure pipelines of Povkhovskoye oil field.

  5. Elaboration and conformance of STS for design, reconstructions and operation of two two low-pressure water pipelines (Vol.1 - Vol.6 (Preliminary Water Removal Unit BPS-5 - CPS-5); Well Pad No.227 - TEWLER of Tevlinsko-Russkinskoe field) under the framework of the investment program "Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Construction of oil collection network areas and high and low pressure pipelines of Yuzhno-Yagunskoe Oilfield.

  6. Work performance on elaboration, examination and coordination in authorized authorities of special engineering requirements for development of design documents for capital facilities.
  7. Development and coordination of special technical specifications (STS) for designing capital construction facility "Pocamasovskoye oil field development. Well Pad #61 on sh.121/15".

  8. Development and organizational and methodological support and representation of the customer's interests at the stage of agreeing special technical specifications in the executive authorities for the facility "Replacement of technological pipelines of the oil loading rack. Technical re-equipment.

  9. Development of scientific and technical report "Study of the possibility of developing standard special technical specifications for the use of fast and reusable pipelines.

  10. Development and coordination of special technical specifications (STS) for design and Construction of Demyanka - Kut Yakh stretch of the Sverdlovsk railroad Tobolsk - Surgut, rzd. Ershovka-rzd. Manchem, PK 4456 - PK 4461.

  11. Elaboration and approval of STS for design, reconstructing and exploitation of the low water pipeline (Cenomanian water BKNS-5) in the framework of the capital investment program " Refurbishment, construction of oil-gathering system sections and high and low pressure conduits of Yuzhno-Yagunskoye oil field.

  12. Elaboration of STS for design, building and operation of discharge water lines of the oil field facilities of "Povkhneftegaz" (2 STS).

  13. Developing and agreeing upon special specifications for designing, constructing and operating three pumping low pressure conduits (Pad No. 334B - BKNS-3; Pad No. 303 - BKNS-5; Vol.1 - Vol.6) in the framework of the investment program (project) "Reconstruction and construction of oil collecting network areas, of high pressure and low pressure water conduits of Povkhovskoye oil field.

  14. Elaboration of STS for design, building and exploitation of the object "Pipelines of Talnikovoye field.

  15. Elaboration of STS for ensuring security of the main crude oil pipeline "Oil pipeline - Branch of "ESPO - Komsomolsk refinery", running through the territory of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

  16. Elaboration and agreement of special engineering specifications to provide fire protection of the main pipeline "Oil pipeline-branch "ESPO-Komsomolskiy Refinery", passing through Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

  17. Development and endorsement of "Special technical conditions for design of gas pipeline with a nominal cross-section of 700 mm and a pressure of 15.4 MPa within the project "Construction of facilities for foreign gas transfer from the fields of the Northern Caspian. Gas pipeline "Landfall point - Ltd "Stavrolen.

Prior practice (from 1948 to 2015) has encompassed the elaboration of a comprehensive regulatory documentation for pipeline transport and other fuel and energy elements, on which almost all pipeline transportation assets of the Russian Federation and former USSR countries have now been designed and constructed.