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Gas and Oil Fields Exploration & Development


Gas and oil exploration is an expensive, high-risk operation, and is conducted primarily by national governments and/or large exploration companies. The following steps are custom-made for the exploration of oil and natural gas:

  • A high degree of knowledge is required - the carbonate environments entail carbonate platforms, high-energy shallows, restricted shoals, lagoons, inner shelves, bodies of organogenic reefs, perireef limestone, debrites and turbidites or allodapic limestone, and reef and perireef bioclastic limestone outside the carbonate platforms

  • Sedimentary process includes building, destruction, accumulation, sedimentation, and cementation.

  • Exploration tools are highly sophisticated geophysical methods (gravity, magnetic, passing through passive or regional seismic reflection surveys) to detect the existence and determine the extent of these anomalies in large-scale features of subsurface geology.

  • A prospect is identified and evaluated by exploration well drilling to conclusively confirm the presence/absence of oil and/or gas.

  • Well drilling, geophysical well logging, analysis, interpretation, resource/reserve estimation, and economic evaluation continue to declare a reservoir for production planning

Gas and Oil Fields Exploration & Development  chain consists of three streams:

  • upstream, which covers the exploration, development and production of oil and gas;

  • midstream, which includes the transportation of oil and gas by tanker;

  • downstream, which includes the refinement and sales processes.

Within the framework of the Gas and Oil Fields Exploration & Development VNIIST provides the following services

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Organization and execution of construction and installation works for the development of deposits

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Development of design and Detail engineering design (DED) documentation, special technical regulations with the support of approval in the Ministry of Construction

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Monitoring of construction and installation work, production process monitoring     

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Arrangement of oil field well development and construction

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Conducting of engineering surveys, exploration works arrangement, deposit modelling and exploration data analyzing

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Developing a feasibility study, conducting a feasibility analysis

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Designer supervision, construction supervision

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Participation in the development and implementation of innovative technical and technological solutions

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Repair plans development, major repairs methodology

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Research and analysis of the current state of oil and gas production facilities, the quality and quantity control of the oil during its production

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Assessment of the need to attract additional operational resources (personnel, special equipment) to maintain the condition of fields

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Review and analysis of current strategic plans for the further development of fields with modeling of various configurations of operating modes

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Development of an information and analytical system for assessing the technical condition and operating parameters of field facilities

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Expert review of design and technical solutions

Разработка и обустройство месторождений

Development of regulatory and technical documents

Within the framework of the Gas and Oil Fields Exploration & Development VNIIST provides the following services:

  • Vankor oil and gas field

  • Povkhov oil field

  • Pelyatka, Severo-Soleninskoye, Yuzhno-Solenskoye gas-condensate field and Messoyakha gas field

  • Pokamasovskoye oil field

  • Nivagalskoye oil field

  • Zorinskoye oil and gas field

  • Shemetinskoye oil field

  • Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye oil and gas condensate fieldШтокмановское газоконденсатное месторождение

  • Shtokman gas and condensate field

  • Tevlinsko-Russinskoye oil field

  • Talakan oil and gas field

  • Yuzhno-Yagunskoye oil field

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