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Pipes and pipelines Welding

 Сварка, контроль качества

  • design of processes, equipment and special substances for arc welding, butt welding and brazing of trunk, industrial and industrial pipelines of oil and gas complex, gas distribution systems, city communications and water lines;

  • comprehensive assessment of pipes, parts of pipelines, welding materials and giving conclusions on the feasibility of their use;
  • carrying out of mechanical tests of welded connections and pipe metal;

  • metallographic, spectral and gas analyses to evaluate the actual condition of pipes and welded joints, issuing conclusions;

  • development of technologies for welding processes and repairs of subsea pipelines in the offshore zone and pipe constructions of offshore platforms;

  • development of technology for repair of oil and gas pipelines, tanks and process plants;

  • testing of welded joints for special operating conditions of pipelines, including sulphide corrosion cracking and corrosion stress;

  • working out of technologies for welding duplex steel, heat-resistant steel and bimetallic pipes;

  • development of welding process guidelines for the construction and repair of steel vertical tanks;

  • Engineering and consulting support for certification testing of welding technologies and repairs;

  • carrying out field tests of pipes and fittings to evaluate crack stability and structural strength;

  • carrying out field tests of repair structures during certification of the repair technologies;

  • upgrading of federal regulatory documents, working out of new structural solutions and calculation procedures for laying trunk and field pipelines, expert and consulting consulting services in the field of normative and technical and design documentation, development of special specifications;

  • developing design solutions and design methods for laying pipelines in challenging natural and climatic environments (moving permafrost, swamps, active tectonic fracture zones, etc.);

  • performing calculations for durability and resistance of pipeline facilities, strength calculations expert review;

  • elaboration of normative and technological documents on cavity cleaning and pipeline testing;

  • Сварка, контроль качества, диагностика

    diagnosis of process pipelines, tanks and valves, comprehensive examination, including:

    • Analysis of the design and executive documentation;

    • Visual and dimensional control;

    • acoustic and issue diagnostics;

    • Magnetometer testing; ultrasonic inspection of welded seams;

    • Thickness testing; o Ultrasonic testing;

    • solids testing; o ultrasonic thickness gauging; o solids gauging;

    • penetrating substances inspection;

    • penetrating substances inspection;