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Pipeline Construction Technology and Management

 Технология и организация строительства трубопроводов

  • development of regulatory documentation and technical decisions in the field of design, constructing, operation and maintenance of trunk and field lines;

  • development of normative documents and technical solutions in the field of design, construction and operation of pipelines laid on watered and waterlogged areas and the Russian continental shelf;

  • Development of structures and pipeline crossing technologies with due account for natural and climatic factors, including areas with frozen ground and thawing soil and seismically active regions

  • working out the regulatory framework and construction technologies for environmentally safe and trenchless construction methods of pipeline crossings;

  • Development of technical specifications, technical conditions for structures, materials and technical facilities used in the crossings construction

  • elaboration of design solutions and construction technologies for offshore subsea pipelines, including landfall areas;

  • optimization of technical solutions and developing engineering solutions for shore protection at gully and large and small water barriers, including the areas of permafrost soils and landslide-prone soils;

  • working out rules for capital repairs of main and oilfield pipelines in difficult natural climatic conditions, limited access areas, mountains and permafrost soils;

  • working out technical solutions and the rules for the repair of railway and road overhauls of trunk oil and product lines, including product pipelines for NGL;

  • working out typical technological schemes for removing sections of oil lines in cramped conditions;

  • working out technical specifications for new equipment and facilities.

  • working out methods for technical, process and ecological evaluation of applied machinery, technologies and technical equipment for pipeline installation and repair, including pipeline junctions through natural barriers;

  • developing regulatory documents in the area of design, constructing, maintenance and repair of field pipelines made of nonmetallic pipes;

  • elaboration of Special Technical Conditions for designing, erection and operation of field pipelines made of nonmetallic pipes;

  • Development of Special Technical Conditions for the design and construction of pipelines of various sizes and lengths in difficult climatic and natural environments, including for the transportation of corrosive media, to ensure safe operation of the pipelines during their service life;

  • - review of design documents, work execution projects, specifications (TU, STS), programs and test procedures, pipeline and ambient conditions assessment in order to ensure failure condition prevention of the pipeline;

  • provides expertise and consulting services to design, construction, and operation companies with respect to the engineering, design, and repair of gas pipelines, including marine, subsea pipeline, and highway/railway pipeline crossings.

  • elaboration of safety justification for dangerous production objects