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Elaboration of safety justification for dangerous production objects

 Технология транспорта нефти и газа

  • development of engineering procedures and technical documents on the operation of main oil pipelines, pumping stations, reservoir parks, etc. ;

  • development of technologies for pipeline cleaning, gauging and displacing the product from pipelines using mobile compressor units;

  • elaboration of design standards for start-up units, passage and commissioning of cleaning and inspection facilities of main oil and gas lines with the elaboration of standard piping schemes;
  • working out optimal test modes for newly constructed and existing oil pipelines in hydraulic tests;

  • arranging and planning work for maintenance, repairs of equipment and structures of the linear part of the oil trunk pipelines;

  • working out activities to ensure the safety of valves of trunk oil pipelines;

  • developing safety requirements for the exploitation of trunk oil and gas pipelines.

  • working out of documentation on the order of carrying out technical examination and prolongation of service life of oil pipeline fittings;

  • working out construction of cleaning devices and technologies for removing paraffin-containing and asphaltene-resin deposits from oil transportation pipelines in order to increase the quality of in-line inspection of the pipelines;

  • working out standard plans for prevention of emergency oil spills on the linear part and submarine crossings of the main oil pipelines;

  • Development of technology for oil pipeline sections cavity cleaning during repair by means of pilot installation of mobile pumping complex as well as nitrogen unit;

  • working out design norms for oil pumping stations.