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"Pipeline transport: Theory and practice" (PTP) is a dedicated scientific and technological journal of industry standard, covering all issues of the construction and functioning of pipeline systems: design engineering, construction, maintenance, diagnostics, renovation and repair, anti-corrosion treatment, new materials and equipment, etc. The journal is among the "List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published the main results of the thesis and dissertation.

The journal "Pipeline transport: theory and practice" is included in the "List of the leading refereed scientific journals and editions, which should be published the main scientific findings of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences". (list of the Higher Attestation Commission). The first issue of TTPP was released in May 2005. Since then, the magazine has been an important tool for shaping the industry's scientific and technological policy. The edition presents its readers on a regular base with analytical, research, scientific-technical and other data about advanced domestic as well as foreign engineering developments in the field of pipeline construction.

Characteristics of the publication: Founder: JSC VNIIST.

Circulation: 1000 copies. Frequency: 4 issues per year. Volume: 60 p. Registration certificate: PI No. FS77-63290 of October 09, 2015. ISSN: 1816-451x

Cost per copy: 2000 rubles, incl. VAT. The cost of subscription includes delivery of the magazine.

Target audience: senior and middle managers of administrations of state the regional and municipality bodies involved in strategic industry/project related decisions; senior and middle managers, profile specialists of the Russian and overseas oil and gas enterprises; senior and middle managers, profile specialists of scientific-research, design and engineering Russian and foreign oil and gas organizations; teaching and student teaching

Distribution: subscription (Agency "Rospechat", alternative subscription agencies, individual (through the editorial board), addressed mailing, distribution at exhibitions and conferences.